Updates for 2016 Fall Series and 2017

We want to share with you some funding and awards updates happening to the Texas Trail Running Championship Series this Fall and additional changes starting in 2017.

2016 Fall Series
The biggest update for the 2016 Fall Series is there will be no cash awards due to the unclear partnership with USATF. The cash awards came from USATF.

Since USATF individual and team memberships are good for the calendar year, we will continue to use your USATF membership as registration into the Fall Series. That won’t change this year.

If you do not have a USATF membership and would like to collect points in the Fall Series as an individual or new Team, you simply need a USATF membership ($30 / $50) which you can learn about here.


In 2017, you will no longer need a USATF membership (individual or team) to collect points and be eligible for awards in the series. We are going to self-manage the series participant database and registration fees. This will reduce your cost to $20 for individual and $30 per team. These series registration fees are good for the entire calendar year (both Spring and Fall Series).

Any individuals or teams with multi-year USATF memberships dated prior to 23 July 2016 (beginning of the Fall Series), you will have automatic entry into the series for the length of the membership term.

The series registration funds collected will be kept in a standalone account where all money received will be used to go back into the series for individual and team awards. As the number of runners and teams that get involved in the series increases, the more we can expand the awards.

There will be no cash awards at this time.

This Fall the Texas Trail Running Championship Series website will be updated with the simple process to register yourself and/or a team for the 2017 Series.