Race Directors

Guidelines for Series Member Race Directors

by Joe Prusaitis

In 2016, we had 26 trail running venues offered to the Texas trail running community, and they loved it. And within those 26 venues, y’all offered up 82 different races, 41 in the spring and 41 in the fall.

For 2017, we have another phenomenal lineup of the best trail races in Texas to the tune of 31 venues with 100 different races: 48 in the spring and 52 in the fall. Last year, there were only 9 of you race directors in this fold. This year, we added 1 race director & lost one, and y’all added additional races of your own.

To see what this looks like, check the 2017 race calendar, and understand, this is not locked down till Jan 1st.


BALANCING Spring & Fall Seasons:

We do our best to balance the calendar, such that we have as equal as we can the amount of races offered between spring & fall. The end of spring award ceremony has been placed at Capt Karls: Reveille Ranch, even though there is one race prior to it on the fall calendar. We did this, because David needs more time to process the data for the awards ceremony.


The following link is provided just for you to pay.

You will need to register once per venue. ($50 per) i.e.: Once for Bandera. Once for Hells Hills. Once for Pandora. Because, some of you cant or don’t wish to pay for all your venues at the same time. You can select the venues as you wish to pay, but you must pay before the race date.

WORKING with Each Other:

We have a phenomenal thing going on here: A State-wide Trail Point Series. We draw in a lion’s share of trail runners to your races. Besides all the other great reasons, people are now also going to your race to collect points. Maybe you are seeing runners you might not have seen before. And it’s only getting better… and BIGGER! It would do us all well to support each other By Posting a link to this website and the logo, if for no other reason that to link to the calendar. If we all link to the calendar, then all the races should see more runners eyes looking at your race… because they will see ALL of them. So, please post this link, and talk up this series. Because you have to know, OUR trail running Community is Growing.

About Race Conflicts:

We do everything we can, as do all the race directors on this list, to avoid conflicts. But, sometimes these just cant be avoided. But, as long as we continue to work together, we will find the best possible solution for every conflict as it arises. After all, it does nobody any good to have conflicting venues on the same weekend. Everybody loses.

Contact Joe Prusaitis if you have any questions.