Club/Team Membership (For Club/Team Captains) – $33.50

($30 + processing fees)

Note: This registration is NOT intended for an individual runner. This is for establishing a team for the first time, once per year, typically done by a team rep or captain.

The Club/Team Membership allows your Club/Team to collect points and be eligible for awards in the Club Division. The Club/Team Membership is good for the entire calendar year of series races (both Spring and Fall).

You must have a Club/Team Membership before the race you wish to collect Club/Team points.

Click to sign-up for the Texas Trail Championship Series Club/Team Membership

Series Club/Team Membership notes:

  • Any Club/Team member that wants to be part of the series must have an Individual Membership AND have their desired Club/Team linked to their name.
  • If a desired Individual Membership is not linked to a Club/Team, you can link to a Club/Team at any time throughout series by contacting Joe Prusaitis. The individual’s points will count towards your Club/Team starting on the date of the membership update with the following exception – If the membership update occurs by the club lock-in date, any individual series points scored from earlier races in that series will count towards the associated Club/Team. The club lock-in date is February 1 for the Spring Series and August 15 for the Fall Series.
  • Club/Team members will not be able to change Club/Team association after the club lock-in date. Contact Joe Prusaitis to change an individual’s Club/Team association (from one series Club/Team to another one).
  • If an individual’s Club/Team association is changed (from one series Club/Team to another one) by the club lock-in date, all his/her points accumulated in that series (Spring/Fall) will be transferred to their new Club/Team.