Team Membership (For Team Captains) – $34.00

($30 + processing fees)

This is for Registering a Team and typically done by a team rep or captain, and only once per year.

This is NOT for an Individual Runner. There is no FEE for individuals.

Team Membership allows your Team to collect points in the Team Division and is good for the entire calendar year (both Spring & Fall).

Series Team Membership notes:

  • Teams must be registered by Team Lock-In DateTTCS Team Registration
  • An individual must be on the Team List (linked) prior to scoring points for any race. This list will be managed by Tom Bowling and Joe Prusaitis. If an Individual is not linked to a Team, you can link to a Team at any time throughout series by contacting Tom or Joe. The individual’s points will count towards your Team starting on the date they were added to the Team List.
  • There is one exception to the above rules: At the beginning of each season, there will be a Team Lock-In Date. Any individual series points scored from earlier races in that series will count towards the associated Team. The Spring date is February 1, Fall date is August 1. If an individual’s Team association is changed (from one series Team to another one) by this date, all his/her points accumulated in that series (Spring/Fall) will be transferred to their new Team. This also applies for Teams to be registered by Team Lock-In Date.
  • Team members will not be able to change Team association after the Team Lock-In Date. Contact Tom or Joe to change an individual’s Team association (from one series Team to another one).