Individual Membership (Required) – $23

($20 + processing fees)

The Individual Membership is good for the entire calendar year of series races (both Spring and Fall).

Click to sign-up for the Texas Trail Championship Series Individual Membership

  • Select your Club/Team or ‘No Team/Club or may select later‘ from the drop-down menu.
  • Click ‘Go
  • Fill out the Individual Membership form.
  • Click ‘Register

If your Club/Team is not listed in the drop-down menu, follow the Club/Team Membership instructions below to have your Club/Team added to the series.

You must be registered prior to your first series (Spring/Fall) race (to collect series points) with the following exceptions:

  • Spring Series – If you register by February 1, any previous Spring series races will be eligible to have points scored. Example: If you register on January 28, your Bandera result (January race) will count towards your series points.
  • Fall Series – If you register by August 15, any previous Fall series races will be eligible to have points scored.
  • The above dates are referred to as the retroactive points due date.

That’s it!

How it works after you sign up

After the next race in the series, we will compare the results against the series membership database and automatically find new runners and add them to the series rankings.

If you don’t see your name or club in the results, just drop us a line and we’ll sort it out.

Thanks for being a part of the Texas Trail Running Championship Series.

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