2013 Ultra Series Overall Winners

Women:  Jody Koehler

Men: Steven Moore


2013 Trail Series Overall Winners

Women: Christine McCown

Men: John Davidson


2013 Overall Club Winner

Club:  Rockhoppers


Full Results

Ultra Division

Trail Division

Club Division


Jean Cummings Perez
(Melanie Fryar substituting),
Ultra Female 3rd, 40-49 AG, AND
Steven Moore Ultra Overall Winner and Male 1st, 40-49 AG

2013 Club Winner

2013 Scoring

  • Note: The following scoring description only applies to 2013 and is listed here for historical purposes.
  • Points are scored as percentage of winning time (for your gender) multiplied by an assigned distance multiplier.
    • Formula:  (Wt / Yt) x Dmult = score
      • Wt = winning time in seconds
      • Yt = your time in seconds
      • Dmult =
        Distance Dmult
        100M 100
        100K 90
        50M 80
        60K 70
        50K 60
        Distance Dmult
        26.2M 50
        30K 40
        25K 30
        13.1M 20
        15K 10
        10K 6
        5K 3
      • Example:  your time is 11 hours for a 50 mile race while the winning time for was 8 hours.  (8h/11h) x 80 = 58.18 points.
    • Distance is based on the advertised race distance.
    • When races is advertised in kilometers, it will be converted to miles (rounded to the nearest tenth).
  • A runner may run more than 7 races in a series but only their top 7 scores will score in that series.
  • Must complete a minimum of 4 races to qualify for the Trail Championship Point Series awards.
  • Runners are rewarded by running more races and the longer distances within each series division.