2014 Ultra Series Overall Winners

Place Women Men
1 Lise Plantier Thomas Orf
2 Nicole Studer Steven Moore
3 Julie Koepke Matt Smith
4 Anabel Pearson Lorenzo Sanchez
Place Masters Women Masters Men
1 Jean Perez Larry Pearson
2 Kimberly Pilcher Richard Milhalik


Ultra Club: Rockhoppers


2014 Trail Series Overall Winners

Place Women Men
1 Tracie Akerhielm Paul Smith Iv
2 Christine McCown Stefan Grater
3 Jessica Scott Thor Kooda
Place Masters Women Masters Men
1 Kat Sparks Jeff Boswell


Trail Club: Tejas Trails


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Ultra Division

Trail Division

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Tracie Akerhielm,
2014 Winner Trail Series
Female Overall

Yvonne A. Epps Alsbury,
2014 Ultra 3rd Female, 40-49

2014 Scoring

  • Note: The following scoring description only applies to 2014 and is listed here for historical purposes.
  • Points are scored as percentage of winning time (for your gender) multiplied by the distance run in miles.
    • Formula:  (Wt / Yt) x D = score 
      • Wt = winning time in seconds (Men and Women are scored separately)
      • Yt = your time in seconds
      • Example:  your time is 11 hours for a 50 mile race while the winning time for was 8 hours.  (8h/11h) x 50 = 36.4 points.
    • D = Distance is based on the advertised race distance.
    • When races is advertised in kilometers, it will be converted to miles (rounded to the nearest tenth).
  • A runner may run more than 7 races in a series but only their top 7 scores will score in that series.
  • Must complete a minimum of 4 races to qualify for the Trail Championship Point Series awards.
  • Runners are rewarded by running more races and the longer distances within each series division.