Congratulations to our 2015 Texas Trail Championship winners! It was a great year of racing with the standings coming down to the final races of the series. See some pictures from the 2015 Championship Awards ceremony at Bandera on the Texas Trail Championship Facebook page here.


2015 Ultra Series Overall Winners

Place Women Men
1 Julie Koepke Matt Smith
2 Nicole Studer Thomas Orf
3 Anabel Pearson Chris Oles
4 Andreana Haley Jake Richter
Place Masters Women Masters Men
1 Nancy Marks Dana Munari
2 Jean Cummings Perez Les Ellsworth


Ultra Club: Rockhoppers


2015 Trail Series Overall Winners

Place Women Men
1 Jody Koehler Eloy Gonzalez
2 Elaine Chung Jonathan Moody
3 Penny Lane Greg Sisengrath
Place Masters Women Masters Men
1 Penny Lane John Winstead


Trail Club: Rockhoppers


Full Results

Ultra Division

Trail Division

Club Division

2015 Scoring

  • Note: The following scoring description only applies to 2015 and is listed here for historical purposes.
  • Points are scored as percentage of winning time (for your gender) multiplied by the distance run in miles.
    • Formula:  (Wt / Yt) x D = score
      • Wt = winning time in seconds (Men and Women are scored separately)
      • Yt = your time in seconds
      • Example:  your time is 11 hours for a 50 mile race while the winning time for was 8 hours.  (8h/11h) x 50 = 36.4 points.
    • D = Distance is based on the advertised race distance.
    • When races is advertised in kilometers, it will be converted to miles (rounded to the nearest tenth).
    • Timed Races Scoring
      • Races 5 hours and above count towards the Ultra Series, Races below 5 hours count towards the Trail Series.
      • Scoring is number of miles run within the time allocated with a modifier of 90%. This means if you run 100 miles in 24 hours, you’d get 90 points.
  • A runner may run more than 7 races in a series but only their top 7 scores will score in that series.
  • Must complete a minimum of 4 races to qualify for the Trail Championship Point Series awards.
  • Runners are rewarded by running more races and the longer distances within each series division.