Relay Race Rules

(started in 2017 – killed in 2019)

For 2019, we have removed the Relay Option to collect points. I have left all the following rules for now, so that you can see how absurdly complicated all this was, just for a small pittance of points, and even still… there were questions and complications. Thing is, most race directors DO NOT track every runner in a relay, which section of the relay they ran, what each distance is, and each runner’s splits. Also of note, we don’t even know if each person in the relay ran the same distance or route as every other person in a relay. Many relay teams are in fact made up of runners from different TTCS teams, or just parts of one. Anyway, its just a bit too much to bother with sorting all this out. If you want to run a Relay, then you should. But we are no longer scoring points for Relay Teams.

All of this below is for historical reasons only. We no longer allow this, so unless you are interested in the history, don’t bother.

In the first years of the Texas Trail Championship Series (TTCS), we considered relay race formats to have too many complications to be easily and fairly scored in the aggregate point series system. But, by keeping it a simple team-to-series-Team contribution (no individual points awarded), we think we may have found a fun and straight-forward way to include team relay race results in the TTCS.

Assumption: Different relay races have different rules, different categories, different gender mixes, etc. But, they all resolve to their own established award rankings, and we believe the below requirements might allow the Championship Series to easily recognize some of those performances.

Requirement #1, An Eligible Relay Team has all of its members registered in the series: Everyone on the relay team must be a registered participant in the Texas Trail Championship Series. It actually does NOT matter that the relay team members are associated with a specific Texas Trail Championship Series Club/Team, just that each individual is registered with the series (further explained below).

Requirement #2, A relay race needs at least a couple of teams in it: There must be at least two (2) *eligible* relay teams in a relay race (where all relay team members are registered series participants). There can be a mix of eligible and ineligible relay teams in a relay race but, there must be at least two eligible relay teams for Championship Series Points to be awarded.

Note: These first 2 requirements might turn out to be the most challenging to satisfy… gathering relay teams of registered series members, and verifying that.

Requirement #3, A relay team contributes to its Team, Points, unless it’s intermingled: The points earned by relay teams using the scoring formula explained below get added to the Series Club that relay team’s members are associated with… unless they are “intermingled” (a mix of members from different Series Clubs). In the case of a mixed team, the relay points are divided evenly to the Clubs they are associated with, i.e.:

Example: 2 person team of Zen & Rockhopper, each team would receive 50% of points earned.
Example: 4 person team of RH, Zen and two DDR’s, points would be distributed 25%, 25% & 50% of points earned respectively.

Relay Scoring: Assuming requirements 1-3 are satisfied above, points are awarded using the following formula (Note: it is similar to both the Distance-based and Time-based points formula):

Distance-Based Relay Races:

  • Same as Distance-Based formula above but with 1/2 the above base points of the total team effort are contributed to team’s declared Series Club/Team…
  • Wt / Tt x (base points / 2) = score’

Time-Based Relay Races:

  • Same as Time-Based formula above but with 1/2 the above base points of the total team effort are contributed to team’s declared Series Club/Team…
  • Td / Wd x (base points / 2) = score
  • A scoring relay team must meet the eligibility requirements described here.

Additional Note: Why are relay teams’ performances being judged against ALL relay teams in the race, both eligible and ineligible? This partially has to do with incentivizing our Club’s to promote our series member races. For example, in the above example, if DDR or Rockhoppers told their members to tell their friends about the race, and they cobbled together two more relay teams runners for the relay race, even if they were ineligible (not TTCS members), there are now 2 additional points up for grabs, and the member race has two more teams-worth of registrations. 🙂

Relay Score to Club Points in the corresponding Ultra and Trail divisions: The points earned from an eligible relay team contribute to their associated TTCS Club/Team’s Ultra or Trail category based on the total distance of the relay race (not the distance of a single relay leg).

Individual Race and Relay Race Combinations: In some cases, a series runner can run and score series points for BOTH an individual race (which contributes points to their club) AND a Relay Race (which also contributes points to their club). This is where a series member race director offers an individual race that also “matches up” with a leg of an eligible Relay Race (i.e.: Cactus Rose 100 or 50 miler runner counting as 1st or 2nd leg of Cactus 100 mile relay, etc.). The following assertions apply:

  • The individual’s race points count only if they started on the same starting line and same time as all of the other individual racers in that same event, and run the same course in the same direction. If the runner is a registered series runner, their individual points will still contribute to their club points if they are in the top 10 points earners for their club.
  • The runner’s relay leg will count in the series relay race points only if they are a member of an eligible relay race team (all of their relay team’s other leg runners are registered in the series). See above.

Process: Check out the TTCS race calendar for member races which have relay race options. Before a relay race, TTCS will be asking on its Facebook page for relay teams to declare their associations to their series Club/Team based on what teams are visible in preregistration (if that is available online). But, this is mainly a reminder to teams to get prepared for the race, find eligible / registered participants, etc. A TTCS review will also continue after the race event results are finalized to verify which relay teams are eligible (have 100% series registered members) and, thus, eligible points. You can proactively contact the TTCS score keeper on the TTCS Facebook page or by emailing any one of the TTCS administrators.