Guidelines for The Nomad Division

by Joe Prusaitis

This category is for all our wandering friends, who seem to find their trail running joy elsewhere. It is our opportunity to pull them back into the fold.

Restrictions & Requirements:

  • The race must be 50K or greater.
  • The race can be anywhere except Texas.
  • The runner wishing to be scored must live in Texas for the entire year.
  • The idea being that you live here but travel elsewhere to race.
  • The same scoring rules & everything else as the Ultra Division.
  • We (the managing partners) get to decide if we will allow your race or not. We will be understanding up to a point: no Fat Ass races. We will accept most anything we feel is a professionally run race, something we would have allowed into our series if it were in Texas. For example: Western States, Hardrock, Massanutten, Speed Goat, Jemez. But, see the “Greater-than 100 Mile Races, Stage Races, etc.” paragraph in the series rules for Nomad races that don’t quite fit.
  • The Nomad season is a year long. Individual Nomad awards will be awarded at the series’ Fall award ceremony.
  • Individual Nomad Points: You will score in the Nomad Division. Similar to the series rules, except for the entire year rather than just the Spring or the Fall, you must run a minimum of 2 Nomad races, and your top 4 will be scored for the entire year.
  • And last but not least, I so much dislike last minute surprises, so just for the category of Nomad, we plan to End the Nomad season on Dec 25th. If you run any Nomad races after this date, these races and scores will be applied the beginning of the next year. for example: If you run A race on New Year’s Eve, this will be the first Nomad race in the following year. So, no Christmas surprises.

How to get credit for your race points:

YOU need to submit the complete race results (which includes your time) to Joe Prusaitis, Link or Hard Copy print. We are not going looking for race results. We would not know what to look for. Also, make sure we know WHO you are when you submit.


Top 5 M&F, and 1st place Master M&F (master is 50 or older).

No Winner discounts: Because Texan Nomads collect their points outside the state, they do not then get discount rates for the races in-state. Just doesn’t make sense.

Contact Joe Prusaitis if you have any questions.