This page is for sharing and documenting any format changes to the series. This could include points calculation, awards, rules, registration, and anything else that may worth knowing.

Historical Updates





  1. Lower annual membership fee, now $23 ($20 + processing fees), good for the entire year, no USATF membership required. Check out the new, simplified registration process for 2017 here
  2. MANY new trail races and distances added to both the Spring and Fall Series to add to the fun! Check out the new 2017 Race Calendar.
  3. Updated base point values to give more weight to race distance yet keep all races relevant to the series.
  4. New “Texan Nomad Division” described by Joe Prusaitis below and detailed here.
  5. New way for Club/Teams to earn points in Relay Races described here.
  6. Lower Club / Team membership registration fee, now $33.50 ($30 + processing fees), good for the entire year




  • 2014 Race Calendar opened up for the rest of the state this year. So, the same (8 Tejas Trails & 4 Capt’n Karl’s races) added in with (5 Dave Haneburg races: Possum Kingdom, Whispering Pines, Cedar Ridge, Rough Creek, & Isle du Bois), (2 NTTR races: Grasslands & Rockledge Rumble), (2 Rob Goyen races: Brazos 100 & Brazos 50), (2 Bill Gardner races: Piney Woods & Lighthouse),  and finally… Cross Timbers, TNT, paleface, Palo Duro, and Big Cedar.
  • Key Changes in 2014:
  1. Add a lot of other races in the state of Texas.


  • 2013 Race Calendar (8 Tejas Trails & 4 Capt’n Karl’s races only) Bandera, Rocky 100, Rocky 50, Nueces, Hells Hills, Pandora, Cactus Rose, Wild Hare, plus Pedernales, Muleshoe, Colorado Bend, & Reveille Peak Ranch.
  • In the beginning:
  1. We create a set of rules for scoring
  2. Individuals are required to be USATF members
  3. Must complete a minimum of 4 races.
  4. A runner may run more than 7 races but only top 7 scores will score.

Note: Specific changes to the Series Scoring formula can be found archived on the historical Results pages.