We are excited to welcome you to the 2017 Texas Trail Running Championship Series. Our points series now contains 36 exceptional trail races throughout the great state of Texas, with a goal of increasing the fun and further connecting our trail running community both locally and throughout the country. We have overall, age group, and a club focus within ultra and sub-ultra divisions which offers many fun ways to participate in the series.

2017 is going to see some exciting new updates. These updates were based on feedback from our community and our own reflections during some long runs on the trail.

So what’s new in 2017?

Updates for 2017, starting with the Spring Series

  1. Lower annual membership fee, now $23 ($20 + processing fees), good for the entire year, no USATF membership required. Check out the new, simplified registration process for 2017 here.
  2. MANY new trail races and distances added to both the Spring and Fall Series to add to the fun! Check out the new 2017 Race Calendar.
  3. Updated base point values to give more weight to race distance yet keep all races relevant to the series.
  4. New “Texan Nomad Division” described by Joe Prusaitis below.
  5. New way for Club/Teams to earn points in Relay races described here.
  6. Lower Club / Team membership registration fee, now $33.50 ($30 + processing fees), good for the entire year
  7. Check to see who’s alread registered here.

New 2017 Texan Nomad Division

We have decided to try an entirely new category for those of you who wish to contribute but prefer to run outside the great state of Texas. It may take a few tries to get this right, bur here’s our first try at making this happen:

  • More guidelines for the Texan Nomad Division can be found here.
  • The race must be 50K or greater.
  • It can be anywhere except Texas.
  • All the same scoring rules and everything else will be applied to these races.
  • We (the managing partners) get to decide if we will allow your race or not. We will be understanding up to a point: no Fat Ass races. We will accept most anything we feel is a professionally run race, something we would have allowed into our series if it were in Texas. So. to be included, you need to submit the complete race results with your time in them to us. We are not going looking for them. For example: Western States, Hardrock, Massanutten, Speed Goat, Jemez.
  • You must live in Texas for the entire year. The idea being that you live here but travel elsewhere to race.

Because this is new and we are not sure how it will play, we will keep the awards to a minimum and will expand the quantities depending on the amount of people who participate. So, the minimum amount of awards will certainly be top 3 men and women, with high hopes to expand to match the Ultra and Trail categories. Would love to add a team award if there are enough people to do so.

Be sure to check out some important pages including the 2017 race calendar showcasing both our Spring and Fall series, our series rules and new points system, our awards page, and the simple process to register for the 2017 series.

Let’s have some fun!

Your Texas Trail Series Organizing Team
Joe Prusaitis
David Jacobson
David Hanenburg
Thomas Bowling