We are excited to welcome you to the 2018 Texas Trail Running Championship Series! We’ve made a few new additions and modifications, listed below, that we hope will add even more fun to the fun!

How to Sign-up for 2018 (good for both Spring and Fall)…

It’s still only $20 (+processing fees), good for the entire calendar year of series races (both Spring and Fall).

Click to sign-up for the 2018 Texas Trail Championship Series Individual Membership

  • Select your Club/Team or ‘No Team/Club or may select later‘ from the drop-down menu.
  • Click ‘Go
  • Fill out the Individual Membership form.
  • Click ‘Register

So what’s new in 2018?

NEW RACES: We’re adding 7 (seven) new races to the 2018 series calendar: Sole Racing’s “Mesquite Fire” in McAllen (Spring) for our South TX runners, Tejas Trail’s “Mosaic” (Fall), a Last-Runner-Standing (LRS) race format in the Fall with Spectrum’s “The Game”, and introducing four of Ultra Expedition’s trail races, which include “Wild Canyon” in Caprock Canyon State Park (Spring) for our North TX runners. Check out our 2018 Spring and Fall Series calendar.

NEW Last-Runner-Standing (LRS) POINTS: We decided to make a points formula just for LRS races like Spectrum’s “The Game”. LRS scoring will be identical to the “Timed Based” points formula, based on the distance that the winner ended up running, but using the same base points ranges from the “Distance Based” points formula. And all runners points are placed in ONLY the Ultra or Trail (Sub-Ultra) Division based on the distance that the winner ended up running. Also, Men *AND* Women are judged against the same winner (Winning time or distance is *NOT* gender specific).

Yd / Wd x base points = score

Yd – your distance
Wd – winning distance**

**Winning time or distance is *NOT* gender (Male/Female) specific.

EPIC RACES POINTS BONUS: Two of the Spring series’ races are so competitive, consistently attract an elite group of national and international competitors, that we’ve decided to give an overall 10% (ten percent) base points bonus to ALL series members that finish them: Bandera 100K, and Rocky Raccoon 100M.

SMALL RACE ADJUSTMENT: On the flip-side of the coin to the above rule, we will add a .9 points multiplier (a small points decrease) to races that only have 10 (ten) or less finishers.

TRAIL DIVISION BASE POINTS TUNING: We’ve decided to tune the base points of the Trail Division (sub-Ultra) to better match the distances of the series, shown below. Also, we consider anything over a Marathon distance an “Ultra”, so, the bottom Ultra base points range now reflects that. The points formula for “Timed Based” races has not changed.

Ultra division base points:

  • …(Same)
  • 80 base points = > 26.2M (greater than a Marathon) to sub-50M races

Trail division base points: (Changed)

  • 100 base points = 25M to Marathon (26.2M) races
  • 95 base points = 30K (18.6M) to sub-25M (< 25M) races
  • 90 base points = Half Marathon (13.1M) to sub-30K (< 18.6M) races
  • 85 base points = 10K (6.2M) to sub-Half Marathon (< 13.1M) races
  • 75 base points = sub-10K (< 6.2M) races

MORE NOMAD AWARDS: We thought the first year of the Nomad Division competition was so intriguing, we’re going to increase the awards and go 5 (five) deep in 2018. More guidelines for the Texan Nomad Division can be found here.

RELAY POINTS TUNING: We believe the hard-earned points of a relay team in a series relay should be more relevant and contribute to their associated Club more significantly. So for example, a timed event relay team will now earn 1/2 (half) of the base points for their overall team distance divided by the winning team’s distance, which will be added to their associated Club points. The formulas below:

Distance-Based Relay Races:

  • Same as Distance-Based formula but with 1/2 the above base points of the total team effort are contributed to team’s declared Series Club/Team…
  • Wt / Tt x (base points / 2) = score’

Time-Based Relay Races:

  • Same as Time-Based formula but with 1/2 the above base points of the total team effort are contributed to team’s declared Series Club/Team…
  • Td / Wd x (base points / 2) = score

Team eligibility requirements still apply, as described here.

Note: The points formula used for the current and past years is copied to the foot of the Results Rankings page for your convenience and historical purposes, here.

CALENDAR & OTHER INFO: Be sure to check out some important pages including the 2018 race calendar showcasing both our Spring and Fall series, our series rules and new points system, our awards page, and the simple process to register for the 2018 series.

Let’s have some fun!

Your Texas Trail Championship Series Organizing Team…

Other founding members:

  • Ben Phenix
  • David Hanenburg