WELCOME to the 2019 Texas Trail Championship Series! We’ve made a few changes that we hope will add to the overall fun, and I’ll go through the bullet points below (mind, this will only cover the changes from last year to this):

COST: Individual membership is now FREE. All that needs to be done is to run any of the races listed on our member calendar. The cost to register Teams ($30) and Races ($50) remain as they have in the past.

NEW RACES: We’ve added more new races to the 2019 TTCS Calendar. Because of the inclusion of the new races and in our attempt to balance the season, all four Capt’n Karl’s races will now be in the Fall Season.

AWARDS: The 50% discount to the age category winners and the 1st place Team Yeti coolers remain, but at this time we can no longer promise to provide the physical awards to the top 3 in each age category. If at some future date, we come up with a sponsor, or some other means, we will certainly produce these awards… and you will know. We will track all member race scores, post results, and celebrate all of you.

DOUBLE-DIPPING: In the past, we allowed those who won both the Trail and Ultra categories for their age category in the same season to compound them both into a 100% discount. This is no longer the case. 50% is the max discount promised in 2019, and we will not roll up the 2nd place winner to be the discount winner if somebody does win both categories. So, you can certainly win both categories if you wish, but no more double-dipping.

RELAYS: We have removed all scoring opportunities with Relays. We tried this last year, and besides being infrequently used, it was complicated, and created many misleading circumstances. Relays may come back in the future, but only after some basic ground rules are established for how these races need to be tracked and scored. So, for now, Relays are OUT.

SCORING: A minimum of two races must be scored within a division (Ultra or Trail) before we begin to track any runner, and as such, there will be a two race minimum to score in any category.