WELCOME to the 2020 Texas Trail Championship Series

INDIVIDUAL: (cost) is FREE. All that needs to be done is to run any of the races listed on our member calendar. (Awards) 50% discount to age category winners (1st place only). No double-dipping: if the same person wins both Ultra & Trail, the 2nd place person will win the discount for the category with more runners in it. There are NO physical awards.

TEAMS: (Cost) $30. Same as has been for years. (Awards) 1st place Team Yeti coolers for Ultra & Trail divisions.

RACE DIRECTORS: (Cost) $50. Same as has been for years.

RELAYS: We will not score any relays.

SCORING: There is a 2-race min to score in either division (Ultra or Trail), an no more that 4-race max. We will not track any runner otherwise, for team or individual.

SCORING: (Early Starters, Underachievers, & Overachievers) We know that some races allow runners to start early, drop down to a shorter distance after you have started, or step up to a longer distance after you have started. The thing is, if the race director allows it, and scores these people along with all the others, then we do too.